Abraham Hicks is a Dirty Channel

The teachings of the Law of Attraction by Hicks are ego driven damaging concepts that are far from accurate. What she teaches is NOT an universal truth. 

Esther Hicks has got scads of dirt in her basic teaching and channeling of Abraham. Her information needs a long hot bath and a good salt scrub. If you listen to her long enough she will tell you all about her success, money, and cars ad nauseam. Red flag? Esther’s Abraham teaches that if you don’t have the material possessions, relationship or live a life of ease including vacations, you have some kind of blockage in your spirit or thinking and have healing to do. But at it’s core most of it is about money and flowing dollars. Comical. Let’s call it the “Hicks Path” and it’s troubling and a path to depression. She never really lets on about how to heal or fix your problems to become more acceptable to the universe or to God to get what you want other than to say what it is you want over and over. Maybe this is so you come back for more of her products and hopefully sign up for the big Caribbean cruse one day? Or maybe because what she’s talking about makes no real sense? Her Law of Attraction is empty, exaggerated, and not logical. Maybe the martinis and worrying about her cars and vacations is affecting her ability to get out of the way when Abraham comes to help us?

Maybe she is able to channel some truth from Abraham, but in the end, at the core of what she teaches, you never quite know how unblock yourself to attain the massive riches and wonderful life that “Abraham” claims Esther has. Plus, why is this proof of soul development? Red Flag! I don’t for one second think that God feels it necessary to give Esther all of her possessions because she’s so spiritually clear, close to God and evolved. Hogwash! This connection between the material things of the word and whether you have them or not has nothing to do with soul progression. Its an ego concept to think so. But of course, this is not the first time people have followed wrong information and nonsensical ego stroking dogma in the history of human and huwoman kind. Look at Scientology, which is very similar to the cult of LOA but have done far better at making money. For LOA there are teachers making bank but they are no where near making what the leaders of Scientology are. Even though they try to use the same tactics such as saying only an elite few understand the teachings well enough to make bank. Esther was even taken advantage of by the person who made her movie! And of course Esther manipulates her followers by telling them that the other woman was

Why are the only videos of her I can find on YouTube filmed on cruse ships where everyone has likely paid a ton of money to see her and they all seem to be drinking the cool-aid on board? For some reason no one has any probing questions on the ship. Are you required to check your logic and heart when you climb aboard? Curious.

At it’s core, it seems the ideology she teaches is:

The Biggest Ego Wins

For example, if you want something I want but what you want gets in the way of what I want because there’s only one for the having, who wins? How does the Universe decide who gets it?  If I want something more, does that make me a better person? Does it make me more spiritually advanced and mentally put together if I get it? The LOA crowd says AFFIRMATIVE!

If only we could manipulate the Universe with our thoughts to get our ego desires fulfilled. Oh wait, WE CAN says Esther! 

Proof of the Law of Attraction according to her teachings. 

  1. I want a Ferrari or a specific puppy and I focus all of my mental energy on how much I want it as LOAers do, making me a very productive member of society by the way. In this scenario let’s say you want it too, but you spend some time helping your grandmother in the hospital for a surgery she needs during this period of wanting.
  2. Because of this tragic pause in your wanting, your focus shifts and you forget about the Ferrari or puppy for a few days or weeks.
  3. Lucky me!!  I get ahead of you in the ego race to the thing we both want. Why? Because my ego wants that car more aggressively and so I’m thinking about it more than you are. And plus, while you were at the hospital I had the time to go down and buy it.

This part where I’m going down to buy the car, isn’t really a teaching of LOA. Nor is stealing the money from my sick grandmother to get it involved in any of the discussion. This part involves action, doing something or manifesting something on your own. Not sitting around thinking about it or imagining that subconsciously the world will give you what your ego desires because you believe it and want it. Silliness! It reminds me of friends of mine who talk and talk about how they intend to do this or that and never do anything. These are nice people who I would say deserve some good to come to them, but hey if you don’t put any effort in past intention, guess what?

Ok, so back to the car scenario and what I WANT.

4. When I eventually get the car, because of course wanting something bad enough   naturally attracts it to me. (What a sublime system for my ego. I never want to leave!) Oh yes, and I’ve gone on a cruse with Hicks so I’m ahead of you there too. And no, of course it doesn’t matter if what I want is pure, truthful or inherently good for all. Who wants to bother with those types of questions? They don’t fit into the LOA belief system and they are definitely boring and way too much energy for me to entertain. I MUST stay focused!! Lets just forget that it came up or even better, let’s not even notice we we didn’t think of it. Ignorance is better. This way I don’t have to claim any responsibility.

5. So back to me and what I want. Now, I finally have the car AND the puppy. Guess what!? You are now less of a person, less spiritual (whatever that means) and less deserving than I am. Look what I have earned for myself by thinking about it and it’s mine now and not yours! You my dear, need some Esther Drano to fix your misguided, mentally blocked and low rent ways of looking at the world. You better sign up for that cruse ASAP! The fact that you don’t have the car and the puppy (Ugh, so much work) is PROOF! that I am more spiritually advanced than you are. Esther and I have got it all figured out. And to you, tough break sucka!

News Flash LOAers: We live on a manifest planet. Intention must lead to action. If there is no action, nothing happens. This is pretty run of the mill information that wouldn’t sell a lot of cruse ship tickets. Also, wanting something isn’t always good and pure because you want it. Work towards things and YES, and you may achieve what you intended to do. It’s call GOAL SETTING and TAKING ACTION. Most of us get this.

Thank God for all of us that we don’t live in a universe where these people’s egos get whatever they want, even if they set the intention minute to minute, hour after hour and day after day.  We all have FREE WILL and are protected by God and the system in which we helped co-create, participate and live in. No one setting any kind of intention can pull one over on us or control us where we are not able to see what’s going on if we take full responsibility for our lives. This is the beauty of a manifest planet. No one has the power to subconsciously control you or affect you in an effort to attain their own ego desires. They also don’t have that kind of power over anything else in this Universe like your dog or winning the lottery for example. The only thing any of us has any power over is how we handle ourselves, our lives and our own perceptions.

Sometimes it’s just luck when something comes to you. Everything doesn’t happen for a reason. This is what LOA COULD be teaching. Instead they’ve taken this simple, “try to manifest on earth what you desire for your life though, goal setting, action, and cooperation”, and morphed it into bizarre ego concepts. It’s made out to seem like some big “Secret” where the LOAers are controlling everything and everyone around them to get what they want. SICK, crazy and puke worthy is what I say.

There is no big Secret and there are no short cuts to soul development. It’s hard work. That’s the secret. Why would anyone want more than the simple ability to just look inside of themselves and find peace? Nothing Esther owns and none of the fame she desires is given to her by god because she’s more evolved. This is non-sensical. A life of ease is not a well lived life. It just isn’t. Finding inner-peace in the midst of chaos is. My guess is she’s probably mid range in her soul development at best.

Take responsibility for yourself and use the key we all hold within ourselves to open the purity and peace of Heaven which is immediately accessible within. For many covered in layers of ego concepts and fear, this takes a lot of work and a lot of self evaluation. Not many are willing to even exercise or feed their bodies healthy food. My guess is the last thing they want to do is clean it up spiritually. So bumping into some big SECRET sounds like a nice magic pill they could probably take while watching Netflix! I know these people personally. This is why these types of souls get sucked into this drivel. “Know thyself” are some bad ass words! In this day and age, not many people want to do that work. And for those that do, they are often shamed for it. Believing when some guru tells you, you can have whatever you want materially or non-materially by just being spiritually clear is far easier and way more fun for the ego to sign up for. And of course those ego focused types think they are very clear and evolved. When you’re nuts you don’t know you’re nuts! Praise to the Universe that LOA is not real and I’m safe from other peoples ego energy at a subconscious level.

It’s not an easy road to find clarity and to be predominately heartful in daily life and there is no material reward that you get when you achieve it. Sorry if that bores you LOA folks.

The Law of Attraction is a kindred spirit concept to the ego and there’s a lot of that going around these days!

Esther is making money off of other peoples ego desires. So are ALL of the people touting this damaging crap. Even Wayne Dyer fell into it in his later years. Maui is EXPENSIVE. But Louise Hay was also a Power of Attraction nut job. So yes, if she’s a powerful publisher, you better tout her crappy ego ideals or you don’t get to sell your books through her business. Sure, she made it possible for people to publish books but she slowed peoples soul progression by distracting thousands with this untruthful garbage that inherently makes no sense and has no heart when it’s exaggerated this way. Unfortunately, the books still exist by these wayward and confused authors, so was what she did positive? She had lots of material things but pushed soul damaging albeit for her and her authors, bank account increasing muck. Dirty money covered with spiritual goblin gook. Can you imagine her publishing an author that has a differing view on LOA? What about one that argues that it’s a steaming pile of human excrement that slows soul progression and breeds ego energy? Or what about an author that doesn’t word it as strongly? It would have never happened. 

What Happens when they don’t get what they want?

And what happens if the LOAers don’t get what they want? As the years pass and the large majority of these ego driven people, if human kind is lucky, will see that their belief system doesn’t work. Many of them will slowly loose (more) self-esteem and slide into despair wondering all the way down, “What am I doing wrong? Why is this not working? Why do I suck? Why do people find me so annoying”? When they start waking up and taking responsibility for their lives and their beliefs, do they become embarrassed with their past bat shit crazy talk and move out of town under the cover of night? Do they question the meaning of their existence if the universe has ignored them and what they wanted? Their old congregation members still believe the universe is ignoring them because they are off spiritually. It’s withholding and not allowing them to get what they want in life as a punishment. Do they die in confusion, sadness and shame?

I personally believe, and hope for them that, immediate healing can happen. We can shift our perspective and move closer to truth at any point in our lives. If these individuals focus more on what they can give rather than get, the Law of Attraction as Hicks teaches it, will immediately look pretty rotten, vapid and if not just a little evil to them. And no doubt they will wake up and understand immediately why they felt so bad and confused about their own spiritual progress because nothing was adding up.  There is no material reward or life of ease when you find clarity. There just isn’t. 

Get your ego in check people!  

In case you LOAers didn’t notice, there are people who make money, or live lives that look good to you, who are not at all evolved, even close to kind hearted or mentally stable. Just take a look around you. The evidence is EVERYWHERE that Hicks is wrong. It shows up daily in very practical and in your face ways. You can get constant proof that the LOA belief system makes no logical, practical or spiritual sense (if you assume we live in a growth driven and not an ego driven universe).

If you accept the ideology that this existence is about getting what you want for yourself, you are on a well traveled path, the Hicks Path, to a dead end.

Who in their right mind would want to live in a world where everyones whims and ego desires control the system? It sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock movie to me. Thank god what Hicks teaches isn’t how the system actually works! Your ego and desire for wealth is bigger than mine so you get the car and the house, vacations, the martinis in the mini-bar? She’s more spiritually advanced. Really? Some logical or kind hearted arguments here and there are given amidst the spewage. To me this could be Abraham squeezing through a few of the unclogged holes in her screen, if you believe she’s even capable of true channeling. I’m not saying throw the baby out with the bathwater here. What I’m saying is, be careful of what you decide to take on as a belief system. Think about it deeply and from every angle and be critical of it to the best of your abilities.

LOAers even go as far as to try to use science to prove it’s real. Many LOA types tout scientific arguments to convince themselves and us of the truth of this ego driven ideology. If the science were true, we would see respected scientists teaching this CRAP on YouTube and hearing about it in respected journals and universities, would we not?

I have a family member who is a successful physicist, he just rolls his eyes and doesn’t even waste a second of his breath on trying to refute LOA because it’s so off base scientifically. In my understanding, science and scientific laws are a products of the human soul the Universe or God and our desire to grow a spiritual beings, as is this Earth and the entire system we live in. This place is co-created by us, the Universe/God, our guides and prob a few aliens from others Earths who are in the spirit realm, to be a school for soul progression, not just for humans but for all energy forms at all levels. It is not Heaven and is not a reproduction of Heaven. Any area of study is for the souls involved in it. If they intentionally progress heartfully, with thoughtfulness and their own unique creativity, they offer the world ideas and/or objects that can help mankind progress spiritually and creatively. Progressing spiritually is all that matters at the end. That’s the secret. If any of us study our respective areas with ego and create with ego, then we contribute to what is not good for the whole. The fields of study on the planet are just that, learning for those individuals involved in it.

The study of matter and how the physical universe works, does mimic our “home” or where we all come from and go back to. This is likely because we all collectively created this system together, as a school for soul progression based on what we know,  what we remember and connect to in the spirit realm. It’s nice for us to feel at home to a degree. But on this planet we are in a play. We are not in a place that will become Heaven for our physical bodies to live in as human kind evolves. Being physical is a spiritual construct of our souls. Nothing more. String theory nor any other scientific theory or law will never be sufficient to explain God or Heaven. Calling it “the heavens” is a misnomer.  God isn’t “up” or “out” there. Any worldly pursuit towards knowing God, besides the pursuit of inner knowing and increasing emotional connections is off the track of finding God and inner peace. Science nor any other field, can not fully explain God. God is within. It’s really that simple.

Welcome to human existence LOA followers! It is completely normal not to get everything we want. It’s how the system works. It’s how it was set up. Welcome to the human condition. We are all in this together and the sooner you face the truth and take responsibility for the life you create, the better the world will be for all of us. No, you haven’t figured out the meaning of life or some secret only the best, most spiritual, talented and smartest people know. Searching outside of yourself for happiness, inner peace and acceptance is a mistake. Ask yourself, “Why do I want?”. Isn’t that the point of a spiritual quest to find God? And does one who sees truth care about owning 5 cars, going on a cruse or having a large personal following on Instagram? Please take some classes on critical thinking. This will help improve the world for everyone you encounter so much more than you repeating all of your little wants over and over to yourself. No one cares.

And on a last note for those on the Hicks Path: Pay close attention to her (Abraham’s) story in one of her videos about getting taken advantage of over that stupid movie. Her story and the outcome goes against everything she teaches about herself and her LOA level of achievement. She outs herself blatantly as not being very mentally or personally powerful, savvy, or clear minded and in alignment. I sure wouldn’t choose her as my guru!


In a backhanded compliment Ms. Hicks said, “I’ve got to give Rhonda credit,” adding that her former collaborator has shown a monomaniacal dedication to the law of attraction. “I’ve never seen anybody do that like she’s doing it,” Ms. Hicks said. “And never mind honesty, and never mind doing what you said you were going to do, and never mind anything. Just stay in alignment.”

In this article Esther complains about the LOA saying that the woman who double-crossed her stayed in alignment. Comical. And yes, this is what the LOA crowd covets, getting what they want, past that they don’t really think about things and how or why this would work in reality. Rhonda didn’t care about hurting Esther or her husband. She apparently from Esther’s point of view, just followed the LOA and took the money. Do any of you really want to live in a system where the biggest ego desire gets the money? What kind of God would create a system like this? Esther doesn’t care if it doesn’t exist and hurts others. She’s making bank, just like the heads of any popular cult. It’s not too different from what Scientology suggests at it’s core, except Esther isn’t nearly as successful as David Miscavige. Watch Going Clear, the movie on Scientology.

In the real world, the system is much more complex, more interesting and thought provoking than just staying in alignment by repeating what your ego wants for it’s little self. 

Interesting site that LOA followers will probably never bother to read:

* I do believe that if you make true effort to manifest the things in your life that you desire, you have a higher chance of attaining them. This is merely by the act of manifesting something in the world that goes towards a goal, not because you are controlling the universe or others who exist in it with you. Goal setting is used by the most successful people in the world. Why not try to study up on S.M.A.R.T. goals. This will help you decide what you would like to accomplish. It will suggest you ask questions of those who have gone before you and to set realistic, practical, long and short term goals for yourself. I know it’s work, but it’s well worth it. Turn off the YouTube cruse videos and stop reading that LOA crap and go out and manifest in the world.What you put out, you may get back as a cause and effect situation. And of course it needs to start with a thought. But don’t stop at the thought or intention. Put aside the fear and just go out and TAKE ACTION!  You will never regret trying!

Another great aspect to this system that we are all in together, is that not everything that happens to you is your doing. Sometimes you will get accosted by someone else’s ego because that’s what they have to give you. The planet has a lot of ego at this time, but we are also more evolved than we have ever been on the heart side of the spectrum, hence the intensity. It is not clarity nor a spiritual truth to think that if someone treats you poorly or comes at you with negativity that you caused it somehow. This is an ego concept. It is also a damaging black and white belief. Sometimes you give out good and get back ego. Sometimes you give out ego and get back good. The moral of my story is, the Universe doesn’t revolve around you or me alone. There are other people here with you and we are all in this together as one but also separately. Past lives often play a part for many souls as well as karma. But it is still a mistake to think that how other people behave or what the world offers you is always your doing. It’s a VERY ego centric way of thinking and in this, it is not truth and far from wise.