29 Old Soul Traits

The term “Old Soul” at it’s core comes from a belief system that first, assumes we even have souls. Some believe certain individuals are just born this way and they really don’t think much about it past that. Others believe that this spiritual ethereal part of us is able to grow and progress into even further understanding though life lessons and introspection. And even if they take it this far, it still doesn’t necessarily mean reincarnation is evident to them. But reincarnation does make a heck of a lot more sense of it all. It gives a logical reason why some are born into an old soul perspective and others are not. It also gives a lot of other logical reasons why life and things are the way they are, but that’s for another post.

We have all seen that child who displays a more mature way of looking at the world than his or her peers. This child is also more responsible, gentle and empathic than other children. If we look at it from the angle that we all grow and develop as humans and possibly as souls, these children then grow up and progress even further in perspective as adults. They are often intelligent, but apart from that, they have a “quality” about them and in everything they do. Their essence is different. They are a perfect balance of sensitivity and strength. So, what are the traits that these people show that awards them this title “Old Soul”?

The traits of the Old Soul personality and behaviors as a whole describe the ideal emotional being. Each Old Soul naturally exhibits these traits as second nature and is always focused on modeling this behavior in every moment of their lives. If they happen to come into scenarios where they may need to pull from deeper parts of themselves, they will model this behavior as best they can in the moment. They stay conscious. If they slip up, they notice it. Often they notice it while it’s happening, and they make adjustments to correct it immediately. They do not want to cause themselves and others more pain and confusion in this life.

  1. Heartful – The old soul is predominately heartful. They do use rather strong logic along with their heart to navigate life, but when push comes to shove it’s always the heart that wins. Because we need all need our egos as a comparison to understand what is heartful, the old soul also has an ego. But the difference for the old soul is that their ego is under control. They use it as a way to continue to grow, develop and fine tune the subtleties of the heartful perspective. It’s used as an internal system of checks and balances.
  2. Wise – Old souls have a clarity of thought and action that may come across as simple and easy, but the longer you’re around these people the more you realize how pure and deep their thinking is. Great wisdom is not complicated nor is it delivered in language that is hard to understand. Their wisdom is also expressed in actions, not just in words.
  3. Extremely emotionally skilled – They have an emotional depth that is unparalleled. This deep emotion does not put upon others or seek attention. Because the old soul is skilled, they manage their emotions very well. The old soul is tapped more strongly into source and their own inner peace and so is not needy emotionally. They live to share emotion and have an intense interest in emotional connections with others, but they are very independent people. They wont look to you to fix their problems or ask you to listen to them complain about something for any length of time. They have all of the same feelings the rest of us do. They just don’t let their ego fears take over. Although, they will go to therapy if the teacher is in their range of understanding. Chatting about life and existence with kindred spirits is a great past time for the Old Soul. They are always trying to improve their already formidable emotional skills.
  4. They are humble – The Old Soul won’t brag about what they’ve done or who they might be. They will have many talents but others find out about them only by spending time with them. They will never be the person telling you that they are an Old Soul and they are at the end of their reincarnation cycle. Although, if spirituality comes up, they may tell close friends or family members they trust as a way to teach concepts. Old Souls are always willing to learn and know that they are privy to very little compared to what is still yet to be learned. They see most interactions as an opportunity to grow, learn, interact and to become better people as well as a chance to help others grow and attain their goals.
  5. They don’t repeat the same mistakes – The old soul is a very quick learner and has exceptional self knowledge. Because of this, they know why they behave the way they do in every situation. They do not repeat the same mistakes over and over again. They aren’t capable of it. They realize what causes negativity, drama and other problems in their own and other peoples lives. They see very clearly when they slip up, and they don’t do it again. They also learn from other peoples mistakes. Their egos are under control and so they are able to learn rather than go through life recklessly like a bull in a china shop or with blinders on.
  6. Emotionally healthy – These individuals don’t have mental breakdowns, anxiety attacks, neuroses, or personality disorders. They would never consider any of their life experiences to be baggage or want to do away with any experience they’ve ever had. They love life for what it is and what it has to offer, the easy and the difficult parts. Their minds are organized and clear and their emotions are stable. Life is a juicy adventure to the Old Soul.
  7. Empathy – They can literally feel your pain. They can feel your dog’s pain too.
  8. Resilient – They don’t wallow in self pity. If they do, they catch themselves doing it immediately. They recover and heal from hardship very quickly with no ego baggage to pull them back in. They are free from the stories that other people’s egos tell them about their own sad lives. They are the true free spirits. They may seem aloof or cold to some younger soul perspectives, but this isn’t what is going on inside of the old souls heart. They have a higher understanding of what should be given energy and what should not. They do not validate ego energy. They are masters in the area of emotional healing and growth.
  9. Honesty – They are more honest than may seem normal or socially appropriate in most cultures. Being fake or inauthentic with others isn’t in the Old Souls vocabulary. They are incapable of it. You always know where you stand with them. They are direct and won’t expect you to try to guess what they are saying or meaning (unless they are playing :). They express themselves clearly and openly. They don’t manipulate. They may come across as weird or as too much to younger souls. They do know this, and it doesn’t bother them.
  10. Tactful – You will know where you stand and they will speak their truth, but they would never say anything to intentionally anyone. If they come across as too direct, it is because they know you need to hear something said in such a way as to wake you up and help you in your growth. Your perception of their delivery will come from your own perspective in the world. If you are close to their older soul perspective, you will never be offended by an old soul. Their intentions are always pure. They are socially skilled and navigate the world of words well with others. They speak from the heart.
  11. They are socially nimble. The old soul isn’t the hermit spending life in the cave or a monastery. The old soul chooses to be among people. They know that relationships are where the soul growing action is. They want to help others and want to be in the thick of life. They are here to learn and to help others in their spiritual and emotional growth. They are good with people and can be very charming.
  12. The old soul is never offended. Even if attacked, they see through this show of ego energy. They understand that the other person is either in pain, being reactive and in both cases is letting their ego take over. Old souls know who they are and they know their great value as well as every other living beings value. They never walk around waiting to be offended. They try to understand rather than worry about an offense that has been done to them.
  13. Non reactive – They are so clear in their perceptions, that when others cause problems it doesn’t affect them internally. They see through it and understand that it has nothing to do with them, and so it’s impossible for them to get emotional. They see gas lighting, jealousy, narcissism, mental illness, projection and all of the strong ego behaviors for what they are. They don’t take it personally.
  14. They value every person as much they value themselves. The old soul does not see themselves as better or less than anyone. They know we are all connected and equal but we are also all unique individuals. They view the world as a place to grow and to help others grow, not as a place to be below or better than others. They have friends of all types and spend time with people for who they are, not what they do or what they have.
  15. Extremely high level of personal power/inner strength – They have steely back bones and not much ruffles their feathers. They know who they are and they truly love themselves. This love isn’t the type of love that drives them to take selfies or to make sure that their every creature comfort is taken care of. This is a deep inner self love that is not arrogant, insecure, needy or pushy.
  16. Introspective – They think a LOT but they also are able to be mentally calm when they choose to be. They have great control over their thoughts and know their own mind extremely well. They have a fantastic relationship with themselves.
  17. Extra sensory perception. – They are telepathic or psychic but unless they formally practice these things, they may not even mention it, and even then they may not. They are in touch with other dimensions of reality. It comes naturally to them. They make the best mediums and channels as they are able to read for Old Souls as well as the younger perspectives. This is because they have more clarity than other perspectives and are able to keep their egos out of the way. Although, they don’t always choose a career in these areas, they do use their skills in the lines of work that they choose and personal lives. Old souls are actually a very small percentage of formal readers and channels. If you come across a lot of mediums or channels that can’t read you, you just might be an old soul!
  18. Responsible – Old souls take 100 percent responsibility for their own lives. They don’t make choices that are unhealthy or unwise. They don’t blame others for their problems. They can be fun, free and even a bit wild, but they don’t purposely take action or use words that are ego driven or that may hurt others. They are highly conscientious in all areas of their lives and are very reliable.
  19. Highly capable – They have many talents and interests. In a way they are like vampires in that they have usually lived a long time on Earth. They’ve had many lives and have learned many things. The older soul has less amnesia than the younger perspectives do of their past lives. The skills they’ve gained over these lives, they use in their current lives to serve mankind and the other energy forms on the planet.
  20. Good sense of humor – They appreciate all forms of humor. They have a bubbly happy playful part of them that may even seem childlike or silly. They may even laugh at crude jokes if the intention of the joke isn’t to hurt anyone or does not come from ignorance. They are also very skilled at laughing at themselves and often do.
  21. Both light and deep – They laugh and play more than other people. But their play is often quite different from what most see as fun. They enjoy life and can come across as very light. The old soul isn’t a scary, intimidating, hard to get to know type of individual. They come across as light but also have depth and strength that many don’t even see at first.  The old soul is deep and thoughtful but they don’t need to show off about what they know. They just wish for people to grow, love and play.
  22. Live meaningful lives – They don’t spend much of their free time on things that have little depth. If their work isn’t in alignment with who they are or their value system, they will leave the job as soon as they can responsibly. You don’t see Old Souls staying in jobs or carriers for long that don’t suit them or cause harm to others or the planet.
  23. Are not petty – They don’t seek revenge, brag, show off or act out the numerous ego behaviors that we all think of as being small minded or narcissistic.
  24. Love all sentient beings – Old souls love everything. They probably won’t tell you this if you don’t ask. But the world is fascinating and lovely to them. They aren’t going around seeking attention by telling everyone how wonderful and beautiful life is. They’ve seen it all before. It’s a deep, expansive and rich love that they don’t expect others to understand and a love that words fail to capture.
  25. Are deeply connected to source – God is everywhere for them. Their spiritual life is always in their heart, on their minds and in all of their actions and non-action.
  26. They accept life as it is. – They accept life as it comes to them. They don’t fight the truth or try to hid from it. They are not complacent. They understand that the system is set up to give us challenge and rest. They don’t see the challenges as horrible nor do they see the rest periods as how life should always be. To the old soul the entirety of the experience is beautiful. The smallest moments are entertaining.
  27. They don’t need to be understood – Old Souls are confident in who they are. They rejoice when they meet someone who “gets” them, but they are happy even if they are not understood. They don’t base their own value on being validated by others. They understand that most people are not in their range of compatibility. They get that people can only understand things at their own spiritual and emotional level.  They’ve learned that being understood by others has nothing to do with inner peace and true self love. They also know that they can make a difference and help others even if they are not understood. They understand others and this is what is needed to help others in their own spiritual and emotional growth.
  28. They don’t believe in dogma. They are not focused on one religion or belief system but are mindful that all religions and ideologies may have heartful teachings within them. They are mentally expansive and creative. They use their logic and their hearts to find the truth in any teaching if there is truth to be had. They are not biased due to upbringing and societal or family pressures. They are truly free in spirit and in mind. For example an Old Soul perspective would not believe in the Law of Attraction the way it is rampantly taught by midrange spiritual teachers these days. They see the ego in the teachings and where the misunderstandings are. It’s easy for the Old Soul perspective to see when something doesn’t fit into the system or make heartful sense.
  29. Purpose – They know their “life’s purpose” and purposes. They may take some time to sift through their many talents and focus on a career, but at a deeper level, they know who they are and why they are here.