What is Soul Development?

The soul at its core, is whole already. There is nothing that needs to be “fixed”. But for those of us that see that we live in a universe oriented towards growth and expansion, then we also must believe that the soul is never done learning, becoming more heartful and more creative in it’s expression. We are never “finished”. The desire to be close to Source is what drives our human existence. It’s the fire within. We’ve chosen this human life and this Earthly learning from our spiritual selves for this reason.

When people say we must “heal” ourselves, this could be interpreted as meaning we must get our egos under control and live a heartful existence. This statement has nothing to do with the soul at it’s basic level, because here we are perfect, wise and whole. It is connected to the individual soul aspect in becoming more heartful and expansive within its unique self with the aid of intense Earthly experiences. But it is also part of a bigger picture because we are spiritual beings that benefit as a whole as each aspect of our soul progresses. The system on this planet is set up for this aspect of our soul that we insert into it, to experience how to be more heartful and expansive. As each aspect of ourselves improves, the whole improves. Our spiritual selves or souls are unlimited in aspects and are always choosing experiences in which to grow and develop further. The spiritual self is infinitely more varied than what we are in human form. This human life is just one aspect of our soul having an experience in a system. This Earth system in particular is set up for rapid growth. This growth state of our true being is gifted to us by the Universe or God as this is the nature of God. This desire to be like God and to grow in heartfulness gives us the drive to develop spiritually forever in infinite states and ways. Simultaneously we are developing all aspects of our true spiritual selves in different forms and aspects and learning in human form is just one of those.

It can also be argued that our creator, the energy force that has always existed and that which everything comes from (God), is also always creating and expressing itself through it’s own creations. Expansion is the direction that everyone and everything in the material world, other dimensions as well as the spiritual realm are continually moving. We are the same energy as God and we are each just aspects of this energy. We have been given our own consciousness as individual souls but also as a group of souls. This group soul consciousness includes all energy that exists. All is consciousness as all is God, or in other words, consciousness is God. We are conscious because we are God’s creation. God is always expanding and growing and through our consciousness, God/Energy/Universe/Source has new experiences that are unique to each consciousness that it creates. We are individuals in our experience, but we are also ultimately the creation of Source. We are innately part of Source and thus are always part of the heartful expansion of all that exists no matter how much ego energy we choose to exhibit in any particular aspect existence. Source gives us free will and the opportunity to experiment with different qualities of existence so that we can learn who we truly are at our soul’s core. Let’s call it “love” for semantics sake.

Looking at our individual lives as a beautiful works of art that only we can create with our unique selves, is a path to spiritual freedom at this Earthly level for the particular aspect of us that is here in human form. It is just a small part (aspect) of how we are learning at the soul level. In each manifested action here on the planet, we decide with free will, what and who we are and what our lives will express in every moment. If these actions are heartful, they are connected to positive expansion and creativity. If our actions are self-serving and filled with ego, they are contracting, not original and not inspired.

Generally, our soul aspects that we decide, with guidance from Source, would benefit from a human existence, want to stay in this aspect and live many lives until we have mastered the ego in human form, but not always. Because at our basic soul level and in all aspects, we want to be one or close to God. This is our natural state of being. We long to be more heartful, closer to God in all aspects of ourselves. We often come back to Earth with these chosen aspects of our souls, for this reason. We choose much of our life circumstances with the help of our guides and Source. We are never forced into any life that we do not want. Source does not punish us for lives lived with ego dominance. Source helps us into lives that will be desirable for growth from where we are at a skill level and we also have say in how that life will generally go. We aren’t thrown willy nilly into a life with no power over what happens to us. Although, depending on the level of ego energy in that aspect of ourselves, we may choose life circumstances, despite the guidance of Source, that aren’t in our best interest for heartful growth. It’s a decision making process with guidance and there is also free will. As this aspect of ourselves that is living human lives, becomes more skilled, the choices we make for a life and then within that life, are more appropriate for that soul’s aspects growth.

Lucky for us, we are always in a state of growth. This is how the universal system works, not just here on Earth but in all that is. We all eventually get to where we want to be and learn the lessons we need to learn. Source is love and is always there for us and guides us towards itself even in spite of our out of control ego energy. Our soul at its basic level also guides us through experiences that are growth producing. Because we are also love as we are created from love and our soul’s desire is to be near God as heartful spiritual beings, makes us skilled personal judges on a spiritual level. We understand the truth of who we are at our soul’s core or could be called our higher self and in this we do have our own compass to guide us through our souls expansion.

The beauty of this school of expansion we call Earth, is that we are able to move through this experience to attain our own souls goal at our own pace. Some individuals may want to learn more quickly and more deeply, where others may be fine with taking their time and learning on a more surface level. We all choose how we want to express ourselves and grow in this human state. Some of us like being human more than others and so may choose to live more lives purely because of this. They like it here. Some may feel more comfortable in other realms and their way of learning may be more in line with these places or states. The universal energy gives our souls infinite ways to learn on all dimensions.

So this being said, it’s not better to be an older soul on this planet. Nor is it worse to be a younger soul. We often but not always, choose the perspective that suits our abilities but we also choose perspectives that are based on our interests and end goals. For example, if you were to choose a life where you want to sit in the old soul perspective and learn these types of lessons, you are able to. Of course you will have had to spend lives learning the lessons up to this perspective. The older soul lessons can’t be understood if the younger lessons are not learned. A Phd student wouldn’t be able to pass their classes if their education ended at a third grade level. But we are all heading in that direction regardless. For some sitting in a young soul perspective for a bit longer than is needed to understand the lessons, may be connected to the desire to have a deeper understanding of that perspective, or even may be a choice made because an agreement was made with another to help them in their development this way. The possibilities are endless. For those souls that have spent many lives in an Earthly perspective, this may be because they want to learn deeply everything they can about the different perspectives out of the pure enjoyment of it. Maybe one of the goals for this aspect is to teach others who choose Earth and to know the subtitles would make them a better teacher. Others may spend very little time on Earth and learn the lessons well enough to move in a heartful direction to their next goal. Others may even choose one life here and decide to go elsewhere for school. This may not be due to being more advanced, but may be due to the fact that they enjoy other ways of expressing their soul aspects or maybe they just needed one life experience for their own purposes. As spiritual beings we don’t truly live in a back and white system. This would be limiting as it is not expansive, creative or a heartful way of looking at things.

The mere act of choosing a human existence on Earth is a step towards expansion in a more rapid manner. It is an intense school and can offer subtle learning in the distinction of ego vs heart for students. But, even if your soul chooses a different reality or dimension in which to expand, the universe is always moving towards growth and in this, so are we.